Treez Tree Tents
"The spider man of the forest"
Tim "meditating on concepts" 
in the first working  prototype
Timothy Steiner,

aka "the spyder guy of tensioned-web tree camping," is the inventor (with multiple patents and more in the pipeline), designer, field-tester, ardent user, and, in many applications, hands-on builder of his tree tents. (This brings a novel meaning to his task as "webmaster.")

Hand-Sewn Tents 
especially crafted to integrate with our patented tensioned web concepts, designs, and embodiments.

TLSdesign LLC,

the parent of Treez Tree Tents, is Tim's family and friends company, and Treez Tree Tents are principally hand built and tested in our studio/shop/lofting floor/ "production line" (such as it is) in the islands district of northern Vermont, and therefore, "Made in the U.S.A!" We walk out our door, cross a fence, and amble into a patch of cedar scrub when we want to field check an issue, and we also string up between the posts of our barn, pins in mouth, scissors in hip pocket, tailor's tape around neck, to try this and that...until we get it's a human-and-his-art-in a "real-time interface!"

Tim has spent much of his whole life doing outdoor things, and to this day, will drop nearly everything at a moment's notice, pick up his own native Ash stick, pull on his boots, and "go for a walk" with anyone who wants to. He has spent many years backpacking wilderness, hiking and bushwhacking backwoods at lengths of days and weeks, or ambling overgrown meadows on afternoon jaunts, and he frequently tours 2-7 miles "stretch-
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Treez Tree Tents
outs" on his island home here in Vermont. He has packed all over North America from the Big Sur long ago to the Grand Canyon, to the Appalachian and Long Trails to being "the first" (he was told) "nut" ever to circumnavigate, by foot, the Cabot Trail—which is a highway, not a footpath—around Atlantic Canada's Cape Breton. He began his backpack walks in the early '70's, joining that motley and scattered crew who had picked up Colin Fletcher's first "Bible" of backpacking,The Compleat Walker.

As well as backpacking and hiking, Tim also advocates mixed road walking and hiking—taking walking tours as inspired by the Romantic poets and Lewis and Tolkien when they wandered England's Lake District and the Scottish highlands.  It is a wonderful slow and relaxing way—to take advantage of "the greatest trail system" available, expansive views, etc—the public road system—and mix it with off the road bushwhacks and jaunts up this hill or down that dale. As he points out in some of his writings, "Vermont alone has not only its 170 mile Long Trail and added mileage in access systems, but also has 41,000 miles of trails!—its present public roads—many thousands of such miles nearly as rural as wilderness to walk and with access to woods and wilderness as easy as stepping off the road and into the trees." To this, add its abandoned roadways, even ubiquitous abandoned logging traces, past and present, whole webs of trails across the wooded slopes. Often, he has also used his Treez tents for these kinds of adventures...and when doing so, refers to such as "glorified hobo-itry," in order not to refer to himself as a "glorified hobo." We will have links to some of his writings on such adventures on this site in due time.
Adam Steiner isTreez's Internet Manager as well as field tester, photographer, and videographer. Adam has set up, worked with, and extensively used and avidly enjoyed Treez Tree Tents in widely varied conditions and knows the answers to many field questions and variables from a lengthy experience. He is ready to discuss field operation of the tents with inquirers.
Abby Steiner Lewis,
"seam engineer" and field videographer. Besides life as a busy wife and mother, and work as a textile artist, Abby is "on deck " to help with production issues. She oversees our Expedition Repair Services. 
From our first website,November 2003.
 Our model Olivia in the then brand, new FlyingBivy.
 An early model prototype, the FloatingDome1, is set up in the background.
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