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Site photos of the Aelph Alpha
The Alpha,awaiting occupant
The Alpha as field office,notetaking on the lap top
As stable as your bed at home
An easy conversation in the great outdoors
Two aelvish friends stop by the "the livingroom couch"
And now, time for a nap
Web tensioning tree lines of the Alpha
The Alpha on a backpack just slightly larger than a two lb. down bag.
Top: Tree Saver Bands and Carabiner laying on stuff sack.  Bottom: Left to right:  Fly, Tent poles, Tensioning system, and Tent rolled up.
The Tensioner
Doors tied out
Ready for sleep high on a wooded bank
Three friends and a hand of cards total weight approx. 500 lbs. The fly is tied out wide for this picture.
Comfortable sleeping and camping space for two.
We normally do not recommend standing in our tents,but our model Brook got exuberant,and we just couldn't resist taking the shot.
Two dudes hanging around
A portable tree house!
Our Camo 

now includes a five point pole set to add to the original tie-out-to-surrounding-scrub-only model (shown). This also allows easier configuring and increased opportunities in adjusting between weather protection and game blind functions.
Stable for prone or sitting sniper positions
Our original Hunter'sNest was an open model in which the user could configure the camo fly as a combination of shelter and blind, leaving shooting,access,and blind/covering from any and varied directions,according to need.
The Hunter'sNest offers a variety of shelter protection and game watch configurations.
The encampment could also allow shooting and camping from the ground under it. For full blind over ground shooting,the fly could be laid down over the floor to hang to or near the ground.
...or laying a barrel across it while standing on the ground. Time-off moments and watches still allow taking it easy on the floor surface.
We've spent many a night, including setting up in the dark on the Appalachian Trail after a too long day, to nights along wild Atlantic shores in pine groves, to nights in Vermont's Green Mountains with rain whipping all around while we stayed snug and dry! ...and all as we learned the ins and outs of tree camping with our web-tensioned designs. The FlyingBivy has been a great tent, and we will keep a couple in our research inventory, but what we have learned from it has been poured into our much-more-yet-advanced new Aelph Alpha, "the firstborn son" of  The FlyingBivy, and with other new models since,  but we love you, ol' guy!

The FlyingBivy
  Snugged down in the FB
...and happy about it
a proto FB on a sunny day in the woods stable as a bed
...sittin' on the edge of the bed
...laid out for nightfall on a cedar slope
an elvish parliament, deep in the forest
tucked into a woods along Lake Champlain
no bugs in here
It's fun playing with these tents!
Setting up camp in a lakeshore grove
ready for nightfall on a cedared slope
taking a break from shooting with muddy feet zipped out
into the sack
testing on an autumn day
a rough set-up in backcountry, looking for brook trout
a lively breeze tousles our FlyingBivy near a trout gorge
high off the slope of a cascading trout brook
another "forest hobo" friend, Charlie, sets up
natural air conditioning from a stream in August
pondering inventor
Vermont's Doe Camp leader tries a Bivy
a day at the beach, Sand Bar State Park, Vermont
beach bunnies, catch a little shade
dad, mom, and the kid in an FD1
empty treehouse
early production
winter work, scopin' out a Bivy in the lofting barn
an ad we placed in Australia
Snug!  Day pack hanging from the foot end Tree-Saver-Band.
From our Archives
field testing / early models, woods and beach parties, fun, backwoods trips and early building
  "Going where no tent has gone before"  (guaranteed!):  broken rock shore below Lake Champlain's surface, 20' down
from a few paces back into the brush and ledge
another angle on it; rugged, inaccessible brush and ledge, fit for eagles,  adventurous Treez elves, codgy old backwoodsmen, and not much more (thank goodness).
Hey, the view's out the other side!
All done (about a 25 minute set-up in this rough unevenness) and now time to savor an eagle's eye view, but in deep seclusion--invisible to all others—a few passing boats on a spring day here..
a view from the narrow, foot end
looking over the outboard head corner.Excess line is wrapped up around the tensioned lines just for neatness.The water's surface is about 20' below, and it is about 3 feet deep here,showing a rocky shore and pieces of the cliff ledges that have let go from weathering, laying beneath the surface.
A Spring shoot of the Alpha "in an eagle's nest" at the edge of rock cliffs dropping to Lake Champlain, a few miles walk from our shop "Going where no tent has gone before!"

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 "Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly....." (Psalm 1)

Setting out the whole Alpha system and laying out apres-hiking sweat pants for camp pajamas!
Stuff sacks, shoes, cups, bottles can be hung here and there by various means;  makes for clotheslines, too!
...wide under tent dry camping area
The headside pocket w/tension adjuster (@ right corner).
Is that a Manta Ray floating through "an octopus's garden"?  No, it's the foot end view of an Aelph Alpha system w/Canopy fully winged to surrounding scrub—making huge, protected dry area under with the Alpha as "loft bedfroom" hovering above it all!
I like having the Alpha at least high enough to have useable camping space under the floor as well as under the outstretched Fly Canopy
...time to check out a Good Book; propped on an elbow with the usual "at home in bed" stability and comfort.
more "weather" on one side?  Drop that side and leave the other still up for a "porch"
Fly fully deployed for wet weather but not windy conditions--no lashing under added, so there is still a good footprint of rain protection on ground beneath..
With Canopy down as Full Fly, still lots of protected area under for lashed up items
Lash Fly together under for wind and rain.  No dry ground may remain beneath, but a full gear net still can be up under the lashings.
Leave the loop(s) near the door out of the lashing, but hang a small wind-weight on them, like this fuel bottle, so occupant can slip in & out of a "dry cocoon." croc mocs tucked behind foot end "bootstrap"; the ground shows through our floating see-thru floor!
Fly/Canopy still often covers plenty of spots to tie things and keep them dry.

...also, still a good footprint of dryness on the ground below a lowered but unlashed  Fly...
Alpha full system set up
Graphics & Videos
The Two+ Person Treez Model
The Aelph Omega
Tree Tent
Complete Tensioned-Web Camping System

Be among the first to have this amazing model of one of our limited production, hand-built tents. As with our other models, we stand by them throughout their serviceable lifespan with our hands-on service like our "Expedition Repair Services" and with online instruction and as internet "field advisors" in their set up and use.


"...And all the trees of the field shall clap their hands." Isaiah the Prophet
Our brand new "doubly amazing" OMEGA has arrived in our World of Treez! Now, for about the weight of 1 1/2 Alphas, a couple, or camping buds, or a little family can pack off into the woods and enjoy roomy luxury off the ground. Two stuffs sack are provided, one at about 7 pounds with the tent inside it, and the other at about 5 pounds with all the necessary gear, and this weight and space even includes room for your choice of Flys or Custom Fly/Canopies (even though they also have their own miniature stuff sack too.) Or one packer can easily pack both sacks too and have a grand base camp from which to roam the woods.

The Omega footprint measures about 9x9x9! It has two double doors, also fully screened, so each occupant can enter and exit without disturbing the other. It also has a full, radiused "picture window" across the head side of the tent so, that with all open, the users have a full screen house for the deep woods. All panels may also be zipped shut for a cozy, wind breaking enclosure. The windows all adjust for smaller openings and planned venting and viewing or privacy too.

A bunk strap, invisible and unobtrusive in the interior, can be tensioned to provide separate bunks easily, or slacked off for "coziness."

Choose a Fly/Canopy for full weatherproofing. The tent poles stand them off the tent to avoid condensation, and they may be let down fully for rain, and even secured under for strong blows, where they still protect the Accessory GearNet's load as well as the occupants. In good weather, they tie out wide as shades and sunscreens, and in moderate rains, they can even serve as freshwater collectors. Don't let them get too full!

There are many other amenities and accessories. Have a good look around and order your Omega and equipment today!

A few from our first photo shoot of the new OMEGA
The FloatingDome2, predecessor to the new Omega
Introducing the new OMEGA
Tolkienesque Lothlorien Setting
Omega Logo / Tensioner Lines
A little family / like peas in a pod!
hangin' out
easy chatting
lap of luxury
high luxury for 2, "glamping"?
natural bunk division when a center tensioner is applied
the gang's all here at snack time
hmmm...didn't someone say, "No standing?"
Like sittin' on the side of the bed, puttin' on shoes...only, here, in the deep woods!
nested in the trees
hovering in the forest
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