Treez Tree Tents
announces our new bivysack, fully coverable, ultralight

"The Scout Trooper"
Complete for $339.00!
("Troop and group" multi-unit purchases even lower!)
Now, escape to serene, hidden-away comfort in the green, wherever there are trees. Bivy and camp in the same stable, level, at-home-in-bed comfort as all of our Treez Tree Tents for only $339 complete in our new, ultralight (2 kg / 4.5 lb) Scout Trooper, a fully coverable, weatherized, bivy-sack and tent in its several modes of deployment. Hand built of the same top quality materials as in our more intricate tents, just simplified. Also, designed for troop and group ventures at still better prices for multiple-unit purchases.

Call 1.855.928.3047 to order today or to arrange a tour of our site with us to answer all your questions and to help you secure just the right order for you or your troop.  International calls:  1.802.928.3047
Check out the new Scout Trooper Video!
Our new Scout Trooper in full tent mode with tie-outs at head side
Tying out porches
Lots of room for dry storage and sitting/camping under