Treez Tree Tents very pleased to put forward together
our extraordinary, "top o' the line, flagship models,"
the new Aelph Line of Treez Tree Tents! 
Our amazing, level, stable, easily packable, multiply-patented Tree Tents

First, we introduced our new ALPHA for "Solo+" backpackers for comfortable wilderness use. We had to add the "+" because users kept stuffing two people into our Alphas. Weight is no problem, but they are "pretty cozy" for two (but some didn't mind :). Now, we also introduce our new OMEGA ("portable treehouse," "an elfin castle for a prince and his lady" or any combination of campers, 2-3 adults easily, with some kids tucked in as needed!) with "high luxury for two", and, as you can see, more can pile in!

The ALPHA has an overall length approaching 10' and a width at the head end of nearly 4', providing very ample sleeping area for a solo user of at least 7' in its taper toward the foot, and with boot and clothing storage in the tapering cone area of the foot beyond the sleeping area. It has two large internal pockets, a tall one across the head end, and another less tall but longer one opposite the door, laying nearly all along the sleeping area. It will hold many smaller items and also collects the window panel when it is zipped fully open to its screen. Full headroom includes room for a light loop for an interior overhead lamp. Besides internal storage, boots, packs, etc. can be lashed, high and dry and off the ground at various points around the outside perimeter of the tent but still under the Fly's protection, and also an accessory GearNet can be installed very quickly under the whole footprint of the tent, and many items can be "fished out of it" without even leaving the tent. The GearNet will also set at varying lengths below the tent floor, where both it and the whole tent are fully protected by our overlaying Fly. Yet more accessories are available. See our Orders Page. The basic but complete Alpha package, with all lines, tensioners, and parts weighs in at about 7 pounds. The Custom-Fit Fly Canopy for it adds about another 15-16 oz.


The OMEGA is nearly 9x9x9, as big as we feel is practicable for toting into the outback. It weighs in, even after you have added your choice of our Flys or Custom-Fit Fly/Canopies, at a little over 12 pounds, and we divide the weight into two stuff sacks, one at a little over 7 pounds, and the other a little over 5 (even including your choice of Fly). So, a couple can head to the woods, each with a stuff sack less in weight than the Alpha model and have the luxury of the Omega with spacious room, fully zippered and screened double doors for each occupant and much more. Or, a solo packer can still easily pack in an Omega for a luxury base camp in the wilds w/room for expedition equipment, room to work under, etc., etc. The Omega, besides a double, fully screened, fully zippered set of doors for each occupant also has a full, radiused "picture window" filling nearly all its "head side" area. Under this window is a huge full width pocket which will catch the tent panel when it is zippered open to the screen. Many other things can also be dropped into this pocket, and two tensioners one on each side are added to the pocket's shock cord support line to tighten it for fuller loads. Also, a plethora of pockets is lined up along the interior-facing wall of this pocket for anything from cellphones to glasses, small notebooks, etc. An accessory "clothes net" can also be mounted in the inside rear of the Omega as a catch all for clothes. Of course, the full GearNet, as with the Alpha, can be quickly installed under the floor for massive off-the-ground storage of packs or anything else. Many items can then be fetched out of it without even leaving the tent by just reaching out the doors and into the GearNet under.


...And our selection of FLYS AND CUSTOM-FIT FLY/CANOPIES!  Made of ultralight, very strong silicon impregnated ripstop nylon ("silnyl") (or coated polyurethane for our camo offerings), they can be very big with very small pack weight and volume as a result. They act as Flys and much more than Flys. Unlike ground tents, they proceed way past the floor due to their size needed to lash fully under for stormy conditions.  They can alternately be tied out as a widespread, undercamping Canopys in fair weather including camping area under the tent itself as well as to the sides. And, if the weather becomes inclement, the Fly can be let down to protect both tent, Accessory GearNet under, and even the footprint of the ground under, which can also remain a camping and storage area in anything less than a howling blow. For real wind and rain storms, the Fly's lower edges can be lashed together under the tent floor leaving still enough room to keep the underhanging GearNet and everything in it high and dry.


...a bit of our history

The Alpha is an evolution of an early model of our unique, multiply-patented Tree Tents, The FlyingBivy. It is a significant upgrade and advancement—free standing versus bivysack style. (Within our own prototyping numerics for the present Alpha, it is version 6.3 as it took 6 major design efforts and many (.1, .2, etc.) adjustments and advances within them) to bring it to production from its older sibling (See the FlyingBivy  below. We have a last few FlyingBivys in our inventory at the best price ever to be seen on our Tree Tent models. See the Orders Page.). The Alpha has a nearly bodylength entrance area from pole to pole of two fully zippered, fully opening, fully screen-faced doors. Opposite these, on the other other side is a full, screened window, only smaller than the doors by the pocket that is situated under it. Along the head side is a tall, full width pocket w/tensioning adjustment; under the big window, opposite the door, is a full-length pocket that will receive the windows panel when opened and other small gear besides.

The Omega also had a predecessor, our original "FloatingDome2". See some photos of it in our Photo/Archives Gallery Page. We have taken the same huge footprint floor size and added many amenities and field-discovered upgrades, all without increase in weight! (Two double doors! Huge Fly/Canopy and now optional Fly choices! 5:1 Super Tensioner with our new "elfin-cord", super strong, super light, long-molecule-link lines, and more!


Being aloft in one of our Aelphs  on a breezy,sunny, mild summer day in a sighing pine woods is the next best thing to floating on air! Talk about "getting back to nature!" It doesn't get much better! There's room to lounge and relax, sit and lie in many positions...stable enough to even use your laptop or take notes the old-fashioned way. You can "sit on the edge of the bed" and dangle your legs over with full and complete stability as comfortable as being at home in your bed while still as deep as you want to be in Nature!


Weight, Size and Versatility / Amazingly proficient! 

The average Alpha (they vary slightly) with all lines, webs, tensioning and attaching hardware (enough for nearly infinite set-ups without any specialized additions), Fly-about 15-16 oz., even stuff sack all totaled weighs in at a very modest and packable 8 pounds. And the stuffsack stuffed is about the size of the average three season down sleeping bag.  (Omegas are just over 12 pounds in two stuff sacks.) It has a ready place on or in the average backpack. (It is possible to link our 10' Tree Saver Bands with carabiners or order special length ones and span much wider distances too, but the basic package will allow almost infinite opportunities in a typical forest's natural geometrics.


Our favorite disbelief story...

One of our favorite stories from when we first announced Treez Tree Tents (then "Trease" in 2003) comes from a website viewer who e-mailed us with an insistent denial...It was "impossible!" to have an (actual, floored, stable backpacker's) tent off the ground, as we were showing, and surely the whole site was a hoax with "photoshopped" views!

We assured him that the photos were actual and unretouched, and that, yes, there really was this great advance in "wilderness camping for the 21st Century" and for those who love and seek wilderness travel and forest living and can see and desire the benefits of rest and comfort to be "at home" in the forest. In this new site, our real and practical and in-the-field videos should allay any doubts about the authenticy of the, admittedly, fantasylike, elfin invention (Yes, originally inspired in part by Tolkien's Elves of Lothlorien and their "flets" high above the forest floor) that we have brought to practical reality. Many "green architects" and designers in the realms of imagination have tried to move into the trees, with many fanciful designs of varying success and comfort. But Treez Tree Tents are the first and the only to bring this elevated comfort and outdoor experience to affordable, packable/highly portable, easy to use, and very versatile and practical embodiments.


TreeZ Tree Tenting as Adventure, Art, Sport, and Science

Beyond the comfort and rest which vastly extend the productivity and enjoyment, and even health, of wilderness travel and outdoors living

Treez Tree Tents and Camping Platforms

also incredibly and amazingly add adventure, art, and sport, even extreme sport to outdoor living and wilderness travel. They also become very helpful tools for the field sciences and for hunters and for natural photographers. Treez "elfs" are not limited to overused, worn "level, perfect" camping areas but can pitch anywhere there are trees. And the tents and web systems are very Green: Our "Tree Saver Bands," the webbing that secures our tents to trees, and part of our first patent's uses, claims, and statements, protect most trees from so much as a mark on the bark (unlike the bare ropes of many hammock rigs). Our whole concept allows users to move away from worn areas and camp anywhere there are trees regardless of ground conditions, grade or topography, and to leave that ground untouched, untrampled, unditched, etc., so that when conscientious users break camp, there is no sign they have ever been soon as they shoulder their packs and walk away. "Camping-Use Pressure" is also completely eased as our rigs "go where no tent has gone before." How "green" is disappear into the forest and "leave no trace"?

This expands the number of campsites almost infinitely, wherever there are trees. (Actually, in a pinch our tents will also set up on the ground, but the floor is purposefully breathable and not waterproof so ground cloths, ditching, etc. as with traditional tents is necessary and "Why?!" would anyone want to short of some sudden necessity???  

Also, this expanded area of use lends to really "getting away from it all," getting "off the grid," and enjoying deeply solitudinous forest retreating. ("Treez are not for everybody!") The "Treez elf" can camp in places no one would ever expect to find an encampment, FROM deep and steep in northern boreal forests or in lush equatorial jungles or even over water, swamp or bog, TO simply pulling a loaded travel bike off into the bush in temperate, populous latitudes, out of sight of the road and enjoying a restful night "at home" in a half acre of scrub pine! (or pulling a kayak up from the bank and into the woods and setting up there We've done it!).

Not just remote but "upward" expansion is also possible. Treez is a sport, too. With a little practice, and the gaining of "an eye for level," a typical Treez traveler can, with practice, complete a near ground (knee high to head high) set up in as little as five minutes. BUT, for the nimble, for the extreme sport of Technical Tree Climbing, for field biologists studying either dangerous earthborn or high-nesting wildlife, for hunters and photographers, Treez Tree Tents can also be set up at varying heights. This, of course, can take a great deal more time depending on the set-up. And it adds an element of danger and safety that may require specialized rope and climbing training, safety back-up harnesses, professional judgment and experience, etc., but it does offer "extreme sport" and "specialized functions and uses" for our Tree Tents.

Even a milder adventurer can take a little more time beyond a simple level, chest high set-up, that I often use in backpack travels, and move to a steep hillside where it may take a bit of a shinny to set up the downslope  Tree-Saver Bands, but the reward is a "hovering" tent, maybe 8-10' off the ground on its downslope sides but able to access from the ground by setting the entry on its upslope side...and nearer the ground. Hunters and photographers can take advantage of such set-ups on hillsides adjoining gameyards, ridge trails, etc. Those professionals engaged in wildlife studies can take the preliminary set up time even hours or a day of scouting and siting to be able to set up above the reach of dangerous wildlife, or in sightlines to high nests for observation and photography, etc. 

Our tents are stable enough for most handheld still and video shooting and where lower settings are appropriate, a tripod can be set up on the ground beside whilst the user can wait and watch and operate comfortably from the tent. (We do still offer as a special order one of our early models, the Hunter'sNest, an open deck with a configurable camouflage Fly/Canopy to use and configure as both shelter and blind and for the option of 360 degree shooting.) We believe most hunters will also find our stabilized surface sufficient for shots from either sitting or prone positions.

Even if a user is not facing wolves and bears, one of the obvious percs of being "a Treez elf" is being above most of the small animals of the outdoors. Experienced wilderness campers who know how to isolate food odors, store food away from sleeping areas, avoid most campfires, etc. will find this perc and many others quickly intuitive and customizable for each situation.  Of course, there is also the pleasure of being above rain-made rivulets and sudden mud.

Then, there's the simple pleasure of "sleeping like a baby in a cradle," high and dry and secure and off the lumpy ground, getting the rest needed to enjoy your outdoor sojourns! Once, I was set up below the rim of a broken cliff, tied over open boulders amid trees that had a small cataract gushing between them. I was on the Atlantic Coast of Nova Scotia's Cape Breton, and the sound of the surf also surged up from far below. Two wonderful "white noise" sounds, the little rushing brook and the sea, had me in a deep sleep and dreaming peacefully. Somehow, my brain had me sleeping in a big double bed in a metropolitan hotel high rise! I awoke, and it took me several minutes of thinking how loud and full the sound of their hot air heating system was, before I remembered that I was buried instead in my down bag, snug in my FlyingBivy with the waterfall and the ocean mistaken for the sounds. I laughed and fell back to sleep.


This site offers extensive knowledge and discussion and stills and videos of our amazing Tree Tents. Enjoy browsing. See our Manuals and Video demos to answer many of your questions, and we try to answer email queries promptly. Hopefully, we'll see you in the trees!

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The Aelph Omega 
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All TTTs are Built of
Professional-Grade Materials
 We will also build in the ultra high tech, ultralight, super strong Cuben Fiber for those who need supremely rugged materials for extreme field conditions. These are custom order, and Cuben runs 3-4 times the cost of our standard materials. Ask us about custom quoting.

We are Outfitters for serious woodland and wilderness expeditions and outings. High Quality, Hand-Built, Custom-Fit, Very-Packable and BackPackable, highly field and studio engineered for strength in lightness; Very Weather worthy, highly breathable, but seasonally, climate, and weather adjustable, and above all, Comfortable. Get real rest in the woods and wilds!
Some of the things that go into our Aelph line of tree tents and other models: high strength, static (no stretch) synthetic webbings; tree-protecting and rig-adjusting Tree-Saver Bands, our ultralight, ultra strong "elvin silver cord" of long-molecule-chain static Tensioner Lines and Tree Lines; Yachting grade Stainless Steels castings; mountaineering grade aluminum 

alloys, epoxy composites, breathable ripstops; silicon impregnated, ultralight, ultra strong, ripstop weather barriers, high strength stretch panels for load adjustments, top brand nylon duty-rated and matched zippers; polyester "no-see-um" cloths; synthesized, controlled-bias support floor fabrics; polyester threads as high as 80 pounds per stitch sheer strengths, top end, shock-corded aluminum tent poles, special cut-for-movement tent panels, etc., etc. Accept no knock-offs or substitutes for our multiply-patented and very extensive work, research and development. Buy American. Made in the USA but shipped worldwide by committed craftsmen and outdoors folk. We build from our experience in the field; we regularly use what we build and sell.